A-Wing disaster

Well I got in my first games of Star Wars: X-Wing…

That could have gone better, I decided to join the clubs league as I thought that this would be the quickest way to learn how to play 🙂

We had to choose 36 points worth of ship, pilot and upgrades.

I chose an A-Wing with Tycho Celchu as the pilot, with Cluster Missiles and Push the Limit as upgrades.

In my first league match I was up against Darth Vader, I held up quite well until flying smack into the face of an asteroid and losing my last hull point.

I then went to play again against another player, but this went even worse, I was slaughtered with one shot on turn two 🙁

Still it seemed a really fun game with a low entry level for both costs and models. The other factor I really liked is that it’s playable out of the box (expansion blister).

Just bought more ships and looking forward to getting my second league game in plus a few rematches 🙂

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