Twin Outriders

As I couldn’t get (and still haven’t got) any Falcon’s I thought I would try out the new YT-2400s.

I had pre-ordered one from Beanie Games in Stockton so I knew I had that one waiting for me, but on the day of the release there was a great deal and I was able to pick up a second for £15 🙂

On the first outing using both against an Imperial list that had Whisper, Darth Vader and something else (can’t really remember which) it did really well, though at first it looked as though I was going to be crushed, but as soon as I got rid of the Phantom I did much better and cleared the board.

Second game was against a mixed-bag of E-Wing, X-Wing rebels and they just wiped the board with me as I had to keep targeting Biggs but never with enough firepower to get rid of him due to his upgrades and droids.

From both of these matches I realised that one of my main problems with X-Wing is targeting priority, I have no clue what is what at the moment as I’ve not really played that many games to get a feel of it yet.

Two tasks for next year then; first is to fine tune my twin YT-2400 list, and the second is to get more games in to actually know what to target first in most matches.

But it looks as though Dash and Leebo may be my go to list whenever I play now, though this may change and I may run Leebo with as many Z-95 missile-platforms as I can fit into the list.

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