2015 January

Beanie Games FNX

Was really happy to get down to Beanie Games in Stockton for another FNX (Friday Night X-Wing) as it had been a long week at work and I needed to relax. Beanie Games is one of the best (if not the best) gaming stores I have ever been to and their facilities for X-Wing are… read more »

2015 X-Wing Store Championship

This is a compiled list (though not definitive) of the UK Store Championships for 2015: (links to either a Facebook event page or website page) Shadow Games, Rugby: 24th of January 10am (this has sold out) Nexus Gaming Centre: 31st of January (32 places) Marquee Models, Harlow: 1st of February 12noon (this has sold out)… read more »

Welcome to Red Squadron

I’m setting up Red Squadron as an information hub for the UK Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars player base, that is X-Wing Miniatures, Living Card Game, Armada, Age of Rebellion R.P.G., and Imperial Assault. I will also be looking at legacy games of the Star Wars franchise; such as Star Wars T.C.G. and Miniature games… read more »

Mistakes were made…

Was a really fun day on Wednesday morning, all my preorders showed up at the same time. This consisted of: 2 Millennium Falcon 1 Decimator 1 TIE Bomber This means I now have at last one of every ship from the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, apart from the TIE Phantom which I should get… read more »

Wednesday night X-Wing

At the club last night I got a couple of games in, the first was a league game with Dash and a B-Wing, never ran a B-Wing before and that was a mistake, I really should get to know how to fly ships before using them in a league or competition :). The next game… read more »