2015 X-Wing Store Championship

X-Wing Squad
X-Wing Squad

This is a compiled list (though not definitive) of the UK Store Championships for 2015: (links to either a Facebook event page or website page)

Shadow Games, Rugby: 24th of January 10am (this has sold out)

Nexus Gaming Centre: 31st of January (32 places)

Marquee Models, Harlow: 1st of February 12noon (this has sold out)

Spellbound Games, Glasgow: 1st of February 1pm

War and Hobby, Merseyside: 1st of February (20 places)

Chimera Leisure, Nottingham: 7th of February 11am (this has sold out)

Dark Sphere, London: 7th of February 11am (this has sold out)

A Fistful of Dice, Havant: 7th of February 10am (32 places)

Wayland’s Forge, Digbeth: 7th of February (32 places)

The Hobbit Hole, Chatteris: 8th of February 10am (32 places) (at the Working Men’s Club)

Goldmane Games, Shrewsbury: 12th of February 10am (16 places)

Entoyment Wargaming, Pool: 15th of February 10am (32 places)

Travelling Man, Newcastle: 15th of February 11am

The Gamers’ Emporium, Swansea: 19th of February 6pm

4th Planet Games, Wrexham: 21st of February 10:30am

Galactic Models, Derby: 21st of February 11:30am

Harlequins HQ, Preston: 21st of February 9am (40 places)

Lost Ark Games, Stevenage: 21st of February 12noon

Stafford Games, Stafford: 21st of February 10:30am

Big Orbit Games, Evesham: 22nd of February 11am (30 places)

Warez Gaming, Bournemouth: 22nd of February 11am (16 places)

Athena Games, Norwich: 28th of February 11am (32 places)

Games Hub, Edinburgh: 28th of February 12noon (24 places)

Games of War, Seaham: 28th of February 10am

Kirton Games, Exeter: 28th of February 9am (32 places)

Patriot Games, Sheffield: 28th of February 10am

Travelling Man, Leeds: 28th of February 12:30pm (16 players)

War Boar Gaming, Bromley: 28th of February 11am

Beanie Games, Stockton: 1st of March 10am

Bristol Independent Gaming, Bristol: 1st of March 10am (32 places)

Wargames Emporium, Sheffield: 1st of March 12noon (12 places)

IQ Games Centre, Huddersfield: 7th of March 9am

Tole Haven, Hornchurch: 7th of March 10:30am

Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes: 7th of March 10am (40 places) (this has sold out)

Promethean Games, Bracknell: 7th of March 9am

Clifton Road Games, Exeter: 8th of March 10am (20 places)

The Games Shop, Aldershot: 14th of March 9am (30 places)

Common Ground Games, Stirling: 14th of March 11:30am

LaserZone Tabletop Gaming Centre, Bradford: 14th of March 10am (60 places)

Outpost Wargaming, Sheffield: 14th of March 9am (32 places)

Excelsior, Bristol: 21st of March (this has sold out)

The Gamers Outpost, Houghton-le-Spring: 21st of March 10am

Settlers, Hamilton: 22nd March (times to be announced)

Firestorm Games, Cardiff: 28th of March 11:30am (32 places)

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