2015 February

KR updates X-Wing foam range

Release from KR Multicase Incoming Star Wars X-Wing models! The StarViper, the Interceptor, the IG2000 and the Most Wanted Expansion pack have landed at KR. Some will naturally fit into the current trays we have (eg the Interceptor will fit into the XW3 fighter tray), and some will have dedicated new trays – the StarViper… read more »

Updated X-Wing tournament rules

Update: It looks like you can run 3Y, 3Z, 2 hwk, 2 fire spray. Thanks to a couple of guys on the UK X-Wing Facebook group (link to the right 😉 ) Fantasy Flight Games have just updated the official tournament rules (27/02/2015) to make provision for the release of Scum and Villainy. Tournament Rules… read more »

Imperial Assault dice pack

This dice pack should now be available at your local shop to help keep the flow of the game going, no longer requiring you to throw the same dice multiple times. F.F.G. news page Still not got Imperial Assault, but when the tax rebate finally shows this is the first buy 🙂

Chewie and “Leebo”

Tonight I decided to run this for a bit of fun before Sunday’s Store Championship at Beanie Games in Stockton; Chewbacca — YT-1300 (42) Push the Limit (3) Jan Ors (2) Recon Specialist (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Millennium Falcon (1) “Leebo” — YT-2400 (34) Determination (1) Mangler Cannon (4) Recon Specialist (3) Hull Upgrade (3)… read more »

Echo of a Whisper

At the Darlington Dogs of War club there has been a gradual point increase league and we are at 84pts now, and for tonights match I decided to fly both of the named TIE Phantoms. The list turned out to be: ‘Whisper’: Veteran Instincts Gunner Fire-Control System Advanced Cloaking System Total 44pts ‘Echo’: Veteran Instinct… read more »

Star Wars Rookie

I know I’m a bit late getting on-board with X-Wing Miniatures and some of the other games, but I am going to dive into making this a blog about Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars games and also look at other games related to Star Wars. A lot of the blog will be my own impressions… read more »

2015 X-Wing Regionals

Xpress Games, Ashford (South East): (no details as yet) Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes (Central): 3rd of May 9am (64 places) – this has sold out IQ Games Centre, Huddersfield (North West): 25th of April 9am (64 places) Beanie Games, Stockton (North East): 17th of May 10am (64 places) Common Ground Games, Stirling (Scotland): 2nd of… read more »