Escalation FNX at Beanie Games in Stockton


Wasn’t sure I was going to make this with it being first night of a week off work and such, but really pleased to be able to get out for FNX again.

This week though it was a new challenge – three rounds of Escalation. The list for this format is built in three rounds:

First round: maximum of 60pts on ships and upgrades, anything purchased here has to go through to the other rounds. Though you can add upgrades to ships from earlier rounds in later rounds.

Second round: add ships and upgrades to your existing list up to a maximum of another 30pts.

Third round: again add more ships and upgrades to your existing list up to a maximum of another 30pts

The list I chose to bring was:

Han Solo – YT-1300
Veteran Instincts
Millennium Falcon
Engine Upgrade
Total = 60pts

Arvel Crynyd – A-Wing
Chardaan Refit
A-Wing Test Pilot
Total = 23pts

Wedge Antilles – X-Wing
Total = 36

My first round I played against Wedge and Luke, and very quickly was stripped of shields by Wedge and Wedge kept his, even against Gunner/Solo. It came down to one hull on Wedge and two hull on the Falcon after I had shot Wedge. He then proceeded to do a hit and a crit at Range 3, so I got to use C-3P0 and got one evade, and the crit I turned was Direct Damage, the only one I didn’t want. Was a really fun game with Chris.

Second round was against three B-Wings, again the Falcon went quickly but the A-Wing took out one of the B-Wings and took most of the shields off of the others, another loss but again a good game.

In the third round I was up against Josh who was running Soontir Fel with PTL, Turr Phennir with PTL, Mauler Mithel, Night Beast and a Delta Squadron TIE Defender. In this round I was able to use the Arvel Intimidation a few times and at one point was in Range 1 of Night Beast with Wedge whilst it was being touched by Arvel and this was really fun to watch. Han lasted much longer this time and came in from behind his group of ships. In the end I had Han and Arvel left on the board and had cleared his ships away, another fun game.

So I went 1-2 but again had a great night at Beanie Games and finally got to run Han, not as fun for me as Dash but I think I needed to fly Han to find that out.

Watching how Arvel and Wedge worked I want to run a three ship build with these two and Corran Horn to take advantage of that double tap ability he has, could be a bit fragile but worth a go I think.

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