Chewie and “Leebo”

Tonight I decided to run this for a bit of fun before Sunday’s Store Championship at Beanie Games in Stockton;

Chewbacca — YT-1300 (42)
Push the Limit (3)
Jan Ors (2)
Recon Specialist (3)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Millennium Falcon (1)

“Leebo” — YT-2400 (34)
Determination (1)
Mangler Cannon (4)
Recon Specialist (3)
Hull Upgrade (3)

Just felt like flying two tanks tonight with my only nod to Scum & Villainy being the Mangler Cannon on “Leebo”.

In the first round I was up against Micael’s Fat Han and a couple of Headhunters, this went really well to begin with as I rolled 10 natural evades out of 12 evade dice for the first couple of rounds of shooting, taking no damage at all. This wasn’t matched with red dice though and I just wasn’t getting enough damage through quickly enough, but I did eventually remove a Headhunter, though quickly after I lost “Leebo”. Chewbacca then took out the other Headhunter and got behind his Gunner Han and even with the two guaranteed evades each turn it just wasn’t enough to keep him in play and Han eventually wore down his shields and hull. A good win for Micael.

Dunehawk_CenturionSecond round was against Josh who I seem to play every time I’m at Beanie Games. Josh was running a couple of S&V Headhunters, a HWK and Y-Wing. Each of them could do various horrible things to me and if I had an Ion token his HWK could cause me another faceup damage. This went poorly in that he got both my large ships Ioned in the first round of play with Ion Pulse Missiles so they were extremely predictable, though still tough to deal with. I kept pecking away at his ships and almost made a fatal mistake with Chewbacca, an Ion token and the edge of the board but luckily wasn’t penalised for it by having enough evade tokens not to be ioned again. Again “Leebo” was one of the first to go along with the Headhunters and this left Chewbacca, a HWK and the Y-Wing. Chewie was still reasonably tanked up but he was constantly whittling the shields down each turn, but I was able to do the same and eventually got rid of both the ships with only a few hull left on Chewie. So my first win of the evening but a really fun match.

The third round was against Steve who had also decided to run a Scum & Villainy list, this time it was unusually a couple of Headhunters 😉 and Bobba who was armed to the teeth at 55 points, I think his Headhunters had Proton Rockets and Hull Upgrades. Again it was a case of whittling down each others shields and hull, with this process going back and forth, but he was able to get rid of Chewbacca whilst he had only lost one Headhunter, though I did have both shields off his other Headhunter and Bobba down to 1 Hull. So everyone K-turned but luckily I was out both his arcs and I had a turret 🙂 I eventually took the last hull off Bobba with only two hull left on “Leebo”, then was able to get his Headhunter into front arc of the YT-2400 with him not having arc and using the Mangler Cannon with a focus getting two crits and a hit to finish that last ship off. Another very close game, and again very enjoyable.

Another great night at Beanie Games and I came 7th out of 18 this time, keeping in the top half each time I play which is better than I thought I would do.

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