KR updates X-Wing foam range

Release from KR Multicase

KR Multicase
KR Multicase
Incoming Star Wars X-Wing models! The StarViper, the Interceptor, the IG2000 and the Most Wanted Expansion pack have landed at KR. Some will naturally fit into the current trays we have (eg the Interceptor will fit into the XW3 fighter tray), and some will have dedicated new trays – the StarViper and IG2000 are on that list of course. Custom trays for them are planned for next week, and if we get chance we will get an additional accessory tray out for dials/markers too.

The website will be updated for these new models in the next few days.

Will keep an eye out for this to see how the StarViper and IG-2000 foam is built so I can add more to my collection of foam 🙂 just makes the whole thing easier to store and transport to club and the shop.

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