X-Wing Store Championship at Beanie Games

Since starting X-Wing in late November of last year I’ve still played very few games but have been enjoying going to the Friday Night X-Wing at Beanie Games in Stockton. When I realised that they were getting a store championship and a regional I thought I would sign up and have a go.

I was really tormenting myself with getting the perfect list for the day and was getting into a really competitive frame of mind when I had to stop myself, I’ve been there before with other games and X-Wing for me was meant to be a break from that, it was meant to be fun. So I decided to fly a list I’ve been flying for a little while but with a little tweak.

A Dash and Three Zees

Dash Rendar — YT-2400 (36)
Push the Limit (3)
“Mangler” Cannon (4)
Kyle Katarn (3)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Outrider (5)

Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter (12)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)

Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter (12)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)

Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter (12)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)

A Dash and Three Zees
A Dash and Three Zees
This came to 100 points exactly and was extremely similar to a Dash list I ran a while back, which was Dash and two A-Wings with accoutrements.

The change from Heavy Laser Cannon to the “Mangler” Cannon freed up enough points for me to take the three Bandit Squadron Z-95 Headhunters with Ion Pulse Missiles, these were my large ship hunters, they could also fly in formation to get within range 1 of the large ship to throw nine red dice at it, they could also joust at range 1 (not the best idea but still worth a go), they could split and draw fire, they were small enough in points that if I lost them MOV wouldn’t be affected that much and I could also block a lot of ships as they moved first and this could set them up for shots from Dash.

I had been playing about with cannons for Dash and realised that HLC though a great cannon with the extra dice and evade dice denial wasn’t cutting it for me and had tried Autoblasters a couple of times and this had it’s own problems. The addition of the “Mangler” Cannon for me made Dash all the more dangerous and versatile.

So onto the day of the tournament and I was still making my mind up over a three X-Wing build but in the end went for the build above.

These reports aren’t going to be a blow by blow account of the matches as I took no notes and my memory isn’t that great : Also forgive me if I spell your name wrong and don’t get all the upgrade cards on the ships.

imageRound 1 was against Mark Farebrother who was running two Dagger Squadron B-Wings with Advanced Sensors and two bare Red Squadron X-Wings. I set my 3 Z-95s up in the bottom right hand corner and he set up his ships almost opposite them, I then set up the YT-2400 on the left hand side and angled in to the board.

I ran the Z-95s into the board and he angled his ships toward the YT. This gave me the chance to move the YT up the board drawing his ships toward it and letting the Z-95s get behind his ships.

This was a close game but he was concentrating fire on the YT at range 3 most of the time and was picking shields off it slowly I was able to get behind his X-Wings and dispose of them with the Z-95s and then start whittling away at the B-Wings. There was one point where Mark threw 16 red dice at me in a round and I rolled 10 natural evades without modification to take no damage at all.

Dash did as his name suggested and kept leading a merry romp around the board and the three Headhunters did me proud. This was a 100pt win with 0pts lost.

Round 2 was against Mark Hamilton who was running Whisper and Chiraneau. Again this was a close fought game for the most part and I almost Ionised the Decimator off the board at one point. I did dispose of Whisper but Chiraneau held on for grim life and in the end for a couple of rounds of shooting it was one of my plucky Headhunters with one shield and two hull against a three hull Decimator.

Then at range 3 he took a shot and scored two hits and a crit, and I thought yes should still live through this one but no, the dice were as blank as the look on my face. This was a loss with 100 points to my opponent and (I think) 39 points to me.

Round 3 was against Dean Unsworth who was running a Shuttle that had Darth Vader on it with Whisper and Soontir Fel who had Autothrusters equipped. This was the quickest loss of the day it wasn’t even funny really. I took out no ships whilst he kept eating away at mine. The only points I got where when he blew up his own Shuttle to finish off Dash. 100 points for Dean with 24 points for me, another loss.

imageIn round 4 I went on to play Vince Nicdao, who is a regular at FNX but we had never played. Vince had a lot of unlucky breaks in this match, first was Howlrunner losing his pilot ability to a crit, then I one shotted Echo with the Mangler Cannon, two hits and a Direct Damage crit for the other two points needed, which left him with three Academy TIES. A win, 100 points to me and 0 points for Vince.

Round 5 was against Mark Ward who was also running a Phantom/Decimator duo, but this time it was Whisper with Kenkirk. I again was outflown, but it was pretty tight at times though after about half an hour I only had Dash left and was chasing down Kenkirk across the other side of the board from Whisper when I flew Dash off the board by taking a 1 bank rather than a 1 turn, it was so close that only the plastic corner was off the board, none of the ship card, Mark was very gracious, but I was angry at myself really. 100 point win for Mark and a 0 point loss for myself.

We had so much time left on the round that we took it back and played through the rest of the the game, in the end Mark still one but it would have been much closer 🙂

The last round was against Stuart Golightly who was flying Dutch and his Y-Wing, Biggs in his X-Wing, a Blue Squadron B-Wing and I think it was an A-Wing.

In this I concentrated fire immediately on Biggs and got rid of him in two turns, Stuart seemed to be going for the Z-95’s first which gave me the opportunity to flank with Dash and start throwing in shots with the “Mangler” Cannon out of his firing arc.

Surprisingly enough the Z-95s proved to be extremely resilient once more and I eventually wore his shields and hull down with the loss of a Headhunter.

Another 100 to 15 point win.

So in the end I won three of my six matches and was really pleased with that performance, the only time I wasn’t happy was with myself when I flew the YT-2400 off the board.

Everyone I played against were a great bunch of players out to have a fun day and as always Stephen and Ross provided us with an enjoyable and well organised day.

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