Kickstarter – Spanner In The Worx Sci Fi Terrain

Another terrain Kickstarter, and so soon after the Pedion Terrain, this terrain is Sci-Fi corridor based terrain called Spanner in The Worx Sci Fi Terrain

This Kickstarter is brought to us by Cog’O’Two. Michaela and Co. have been great at getting high-quality tokens and range rulers out for the X-Wing game amongst others and were really generous in their support for the X-Wing Nationals (amongst others) at Games Expo in Birmingham this last weekend.

If the quality of this terrain has the same attention to detail and customer focus that all the other products I’ve purchased off them previously it is going to be amazing, and as always we will be getting great customer service from Michaela.

I know this isn’t specifically Star Wars related, but Cog’O’Two have always done great by the Star Wars community, especially with prize support this year at the Nationals. Though this could always be good for a more immersive Imperial Assault skirmish experience.

Laser cut sci fi war gaming terrain series , space corridors , defense compound kit and other items!

With our Spanner In The Worx Sci Fi Terrain Kickstarter we are offering two main sets of terrain.

Our Space Corridors and our Defence Compound they can both be seen below.

We also have a dice tower available at our first pledge level as we wanted the Kickstarter to be open to as many people as possible offering physical rewards.

The space corridor core set offers a whopping 60 rooms and the defence compound offers 20 pieces of terrain plus 4 card inserts for the billboards.

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