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Baron Bobba
Baron Bobba
I saw this image of Slave-1 done up with a German Luftwaffe cross on it and really liked the colour scheme and how it all worked together. The original post is for Dust which is an alternative future WWII. The imagery fits so well with Dust and therefore the question isn’t about Dust.

The question comes from a discussion regarding whether or not this paint scheme would be suitable for the Star Wars universe, and whether or not it would offend people?

Your thoughts please.

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  • It’s mostly a question of taste, there are always going to be those who are offended by such things, however, there will always be things like this and there are plenty of examples of alternative history games, art and movies etc. Does it have a place in the Star Wars universe? Sure why not, the Empire are effectively based on the Nazis party just as much as the Rebels are the Allies, would anyone have a problem if X and Y Wings were painted like Spitfires, roundels and all?
    As for models like these in the X-wing minis game people have to use some common sense, tournaments prohibit the use of midfield ships unless a TO OKs it, if it were mine I would not only ask the TO but each of my opponents and have a basic model on hand just incase there are any problem (which I highly doubt there would be).

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