New Dawn

New Dawn
New Dawn

It has been quite a while since I last posted here with any frequency, but this is the start of a more frequent posting pattern, work has settled down (in that I have a job now) and other things in my life have stated to improve.

These have given me, both, the space and time to write more and game more.

Though with the car just dying the gaming may become a bit more limited in the systems that I end up playing.

There are new pages to add with the Star Wars games that have been released by Fantasy Flight Games, such as Rebellion and Destiny.

I have to catch up with listing events, both the big and small, regular and irregular. So if you have any events you know about please let me know. I will be changing the Contact form to help with this.

I want to feature more galleries of painted miniatures throughout the range of games as there are some magnificent examples out there.

I also want to change the directory to a map so that it is more visual and I want to get all the clubs and suppliers onto it that I can, so again please let me know of any I’ve missed using the Contact from

So let’s get some posts and work done.

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