Star Wars™ Armada Regionals 2016

Gamers World – Dublin – – 28th May 2016 (11am start) Patriot Games – Sheffield – – 14th May 2016 (9am start) Knightly Gaming – Lanark – – 16th July 2016 (9am start) Wayland Games – Hockley – – 18th – 19th June 2016 (10am start) Kirton Games – Exeter –… read more »

FFG to sponsor UK Games Expo

Some good news for UK Games Expo, Fantasy Flight Games has just been announced as an Associate Sponsor for the 2016 event. This can only be good for both the Expo and players of FFG games, such as; Star Wars X-Wing, the LCGs and Armada. UK Games Expo are delighted to announce that Fantasy Flight… read more »

Armada woes

Along with everyone else I was so stoked that Fantasy Flight Games was releasing a battlefleet-style battle miniatures game as X-Wing worked wonderfully as a skirmish game and still scaled up well to Epic play. The last game I played like this was Battlefleet Gothic by Games Workshop and I loved that, the details of… read more »