Beanie Games

Mini American card binder

Beanie Games in Stockton will also be stocking the ‘Mini-American’ binders, suitable for the upgrade cards from X-Wing (and other games that include small cards) Stephen says that usual discounts and loyalty points will apply. There are three versions, Starfield or Black plastic cover and a zipped version with a stronger material. rrp are £11.99… read more »

X-Wing Regionals at Beanie Games, Stockton

After only playing for 8 months I have got around to playing in one of the Regional tournaments for X-Wing Miniatures, I know that my skill level is not at top tier levels yet (never really get to play as often as I would like) but this is more for the fact that it is… read more »

Info for Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow

For Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow in Stockton: Hi there everyone, regionals day tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure everyone was ready, please please have a printed (or very neatly written) squad list ready to hand in at registration, remember to add to this list the 3 obstacles you will be using with… read more »

Iggies go pop

Again I’m trying different combinations of the IG-2000 paired ships using the IG-2000 title to share the pilot abilities between the pair of ships. The previous week I had flown three different variants, mainly using IG-88A plus another just to make sure this ability was as pointless as I thought it would be. It proved… read more »

X-Wing Store Championship at Beanie Games

Since starting X-Wing in late November of last year I’ve still played very few games but have been enjoying going to the Friday Night X-Wing at Beanie Games in Stockton. When I realised that they were getting a store championship and a regional I thought I would sign up and have a go. I was… read more »

Escalation FNX at Beanie Games in Stockton

Wasn’t sure I was going to make this with it being first night of a week off work and such, but really pleased to be able to get out for FNX again. This week though it was a new challenge – three rounds of Escalation. The list for this format is built in three rounds:… read more »

Beanie Games FNX

Was really happy to get down to Beanie Games in Stockton for another FNX (Friday Night X-Wing) as it had been a long week at work and I needed to relax. Beanie Games is one of the best (if not the best) gaming stores I have ever been to and their facilities for X-Wing are… read more »