Star Wars™ Armada Regionals 2016

Gamers World – Dublin – – 28th May 2016 (11am start) Patriot Games – Sheffield – – 14th May 2016 (9am start) Knightly Gaming – Lanark – – 16th July 2016 (9am start) Wayland Games – Hockley – – 18th – 19th June 2016 (10am start) Kirton Games – Exeter –… read more »

2015 X-Wing Regionals

Xpress Games, Ashford (South East): (no details as yet) Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes (Central): 3rd of May 9am (64 places) – this has sold out IQ Games Centre, Huddersfield (North West): 25th of April 9am (64 places) Beanie Games, Stockton (North East): 17th of May 10am (64 places) Common Ground Games, Stirling (Scotland): 2nd of… read more »

2015 X-Wing Store Championship

This is a compiled list (though not definitive) of the UK Store Championships for 2015: (links to either a Facebook event page or website page) Shadow Games, Rugby: 24th of January 10am (this has sold out) Nexus Gaming Centre: 31st of January (32 places) Marquee Models, Harlow: 1st of February 12noon (this has sold out)… read more »