New Dawn

It has been quite a while since I last posted here with any frequency, but this is the start of a more frequent posting pattern, work has settled down (in that I have a job now) and other things in my life have stated to improve. These have given me, both, the space and time… read more »

FFG to sponsor UK Games Expo

Some good news for UK Games Expo, Fantasy Flight Games has just been announced as an Associate Sponsor for the 2016 event. This can only be good for both the Expo and players of FFG games, such as; Star Wars X-Wing, the LCGs and Armada. UK Games Expo are delighted to announce that Fantasy Flight… read more »

2016 Store Championships

Now that the starting process for the Store Championships has been announced by FFG I will start the process of compiling the lists for each of them. I will get lists for all the FFG Store Championships, the UK/IRL ones will go on as it did last year but this will be duplicated and… read more »