Millennium Falcon

Chewie and “Leebo”

Tonight I decided to run this for a bit of fun before Sunday’s Store Championship at Beanie Games in Stockton; Chewbacca — YT-1300 (42) Push the Limit (3) Jan Ors (2) Recon Specialist (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Millennium Falcon (1) “Leebo” — YT-2400 (34) Determination (1) Mangler Cannon (4) Recon Specialist (3) Hull Upgrade (3)… read more »

Mistakes were made…

Was a really fun day on Wednesday morning, all my preorders showed up at the same time. This consisted of: 2 Millennium Falcon 1 Decimator 1 TIE Bomber This means I now have at last one of every ship from the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, apart from the TIE Phantom which I should get… read more »