Iggies go pop

Again I’m trying different combinations of the IG-2000 paired ships using the IG-2000 title to share the pilot abilities between the pair of ships. The previous week I had flown three different variants, mainly using IG-88A plus another just to make sure this ability was as pointless as I thought it would be. It proved… read more »

Beanie Games FNX

Was really happy to get down to Beanie Games in Stockton for another FNX (Friday Night X-Wing) as it had been a long week at work and I needed to relax. Beanie Games is one of the best (if not the best) gaming stores I have ever been to and their facilities for X-Wing are… read more »

Twin Outriders

As I couldn’t get (and still haven’t got) any Falcon’s I thought I would try out the new YT-2400s. I had pre-ordered one from Beanie Games in Stockton so I knew I had that one waiting for me, but on the day of the release there was a great deal and I was able to… read more »

Star Wars X-Wing

After a bit of deliberation (people at the club are also playing the Game of Thrones card game) I purchased the starter box for Star Wars X-Wing. When I opened the cellophane I could tell it was a good quality product from the care that had been taken in the packaging; everything fitted snugly, but… read more »