Store Championship 2016 email list

I’ve spent most of the day going through last years list of Store Championship shops and sorting out an email list to contact these stores and get details on the tournaments they are going to hold. The information I want are the details of the 2016 Store Championships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars… read more »

Mini American card binder

Beanie Games in Stockton will also be stocking the ‘Mini-American’ binders, suitable for the upgrade cards from X-Wing (and other games that include small cards) Stephen says that usual discounts and loyalty points will apply. There are three versions, Starfield or Black plastic cover and a zipped version with a stronger material. rrp are £11.99… read more »

Hosting deal for gaming clubs

Ephemeral Web Design is offering a special deal for gaming clubs. Instead of the normal annual hosting costs of £24.99 for a or domain and £34.99 for a .com or .org domain name, gaming clubs can get their hosting and domain renewal for £20.00 ( or or £30.00 (.com or .org), without… read more »

Kickstarter – Spanner In The Worx Sci Fi Terrain

Another terrain Kickstarter, and so soon after the Pedion Terrain, this terrain is Sci-Fi corridor based terrain called Spanner in The Worx Sci Fi Terrain This Kickstarter is brought to us by Cog’O’Two. Michaela and Co. have been great at getting high-quality tokens and range rulers out for the X-Wing game amongst others and were… read more »

X-Wing Wave 7 announced

After the brief (and blurry) photographs at Celebration 2015, Fantasy Flight Games has announced the upcoming Wave 7 ships and spoiled some of their new tricks and abilities on their website: Hit Them Hard and Fast Wave 7 comes with two ships to add to the Scum & Villainy faction, which will help it catch… read more »

KR updates X-Wing foam range

Release from KR Multicase Incoming Star Wars X-Wing models! The StarViper, the Interceptor, the IG2000 and the Most Wanted Expansion pack have landed at KR. Some will naturally fit into the current trays we have (eg the Interceptor will fit into the XW3 fighter tray), and some will have dedicated new trays – the StarViper… read more »

Updated X-Wing tournament rules

Update: It looks like you can run 3Y, 3Z, 2 hwk, 2 fire spray. Thanks to a couple of guys on the UK X-Wing Facebook group (link to the right 😉 ) Fantasy Flight Games have just updated the official tournament rules (27/02/2015) to make provision for the release of Scum and Villainy. Tournament Rules… read more »