X-Wing rules updates

It seems that the FAQ links have been pulled but you can still access the latest FAQ from this link and the latest tournament rules from this link both were at this page The new tournament rules include the bit about debris fields, each player now brings three unique obstacle tokens of… read more »

Echo of a Whisper

At the Darlington Dogs of War club there has been a gradual point increase league and we are at 84pts now, and for tonights match I decided to fly both of the named TIE Phantoms. The list turned out to be: ‘Whisper’: Veteran Instincts Gunner Fire-Control System Advanced Cloaking System Total 44pts ‘Echo’: Veteran Instinct… read more »

Beanie Games FNX

Was really happy to get down to Beanie Games in Stockton for another FNX (Friday Night X-Wing) as it had been a long week at work and I needed to relax. Beanie Games is one of the best (if not the best) gaming stores I have ever been to and their facilities for X-Wing are… read more »