X-Wing Regionals at Beanie Games, Stockton

After only playing for 8 months I have got around to playing in one of the Regional tournaments for X-Wing Miniatures, I know that my skill level is not at top tier levels yet (never really get to play as often as I would like) but this is more for the fact that it is… read more »

Info for Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow

For Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow in Stockton: Hi there everyone, regionals day tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure everyone was ready, please please have a printed (or very neatly written) squad list ready to hand in at registration, remember to add to this list the 3 obstacles you will be using with… read more »

2015 X-Wing Regionals

Xpress Games, Ashford (South East): Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes (Central): 3rd of May 9am (64 places) – this has sold out IQ Games Centre, Huddersfield (North West): 25th of April 9am (64 places) Beanie Games, Stockton (North East): 17th of May 10am (no cap on places at the moment) Common Ground Games, Stirling (Scotland): 2nd… read more »