Some Droid Work To Do

I’ve really let this site go to the dogs. First things would to be to update the list of current Star Wars games run by FFG and to add the expansions to the description pages of each of these games. Then add the discontinued games to the legacy list, and ensure that all of the… read more »

Squad building strategies

I found this on the Internet ages ago and can’t find the link or who initially posted it to give credit, if it’s yours let me know and I’ll credit you, but this is worth thinking/talking about? There are lots of squad builds out there posted for peer review, but I’ve yet to see a… read more »

Question of suitability

I saw this image of Slave-1 done up with a German Luftwaffe cross on it and really liked the colour scheme and how it all worked together. The original post is for Dust which is an alternative future WWII. The imagery fits so well with Dust and therefore the question isn’t about Dust. The question… read more »

New X-Wing Miniature starter set?

These images were leaked onto the Internet last night by mistake. It looks as though there is going to be a new starter set for the X-Wing Miniatures game for the release of ‘The Force Awakens’ and one of the things that it brings with is a boost for the X-Wing. Literally, there is now… read more »

Armada woes

Along with everyone else I was so stoked that Fantasy Flight Games was releasing a battlefleet-style battle miniatures game as X-Wing worked wonderfully as a skirmish game and still scaled up well to Epic play. The last game I played like this was Battlefleet Gothic by Games Workshop and I loved that, the details of… read more »

Star Wars Rookie

I know I’m a bit late getting on-board with X-Wing Miniatures and some of the other games, but I am going to dive into making this a blog about Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars games and also look at other games related to Star Wars. A lot of the blog will be my own impressions… read more »

Welcome to Red Squadron

I’m setting up Red Squadron as an information hub for the UK Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars player base, that is X-Wing Miniatures, Living Card Game, Armada, Age of Rebellion R.P.G., and Imperial Assault. I will also be looking at legacy games of the Star Wars franchise; such as Star Wars T.C.G. and Miniature games… read more »