Star Wars™ Armada Regionals 2016

Gamers World – Dublin – – 28th May 2016 (11am start) Patriot Games – Sheffield – – 14th May 2016 (9am start) Knightly Gaming – Lanark – – 16th July 2016 (9am start) Wayland Games – Hockley – – 18th – 19th June 2016 (10am start) Kirton Games – Exeter –… read more »

European Team Championships

IMPORTANT EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT (from X-Wing UK/IRL Facebook group) With the selection committee now in place, we are in a position to begin to share the process that we will be following for Team England ETC selection for 2016. A selection Event will be held in each of our Regions (5) in Total. Details… read more »

Store Championship 2016 email list

I’ve spent most of the day going through last years list of Store Championship shops and sorting out an email list to contact these stores and get details on the tournaments they are going to hold. The information I want are the details of the 2016 Store Championships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars… read more »

X-Wing Regionals at Beanie Games, Stockton

After only playing for 8 months I have got around to playing in one of the Regional tournaments for X-Wing Miniatures, I know that my skill level is not at top tier levels yet (never really get to play as often as I would like) but this is more for the fact that it is… read more »

Info for Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow

For Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow in Stockton: Hi there everyone, regionals day tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure everyone was ready, please please have a printed (or very neatly written) squad list ready to hand in at registration, remember to add to this list the 3 obstacles you will be using with… read more »

X-Wing rules updates

It seems that the FAQ links have been pulled but you can still access the latest FAQ from this link and the latest tournament rules from this link both were at this page The new tournament rules include the bit about debris fields, each player now brings three unique obstacle tokens of… read more »

New sponsor at Kings of the North weekend

Fólkvanger Events has scored a new sponsor for their Kings of the North weekend April 17th to April 19th 2015 Fantasy Flight Games. We are pleased to announce that Fantasy Flight has become the newest company to sponsor Kings of the North 2015. Founded in 1995 by CEO Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)… read more »